L’Arche Genesaret recognised in 2017 ACT Inclusion Awards

L’Arche Genesaret members Anne Walsh and Lyn Kelly received ACT Chief Minister’s Inclusion Awards at the National Museum in Canberra last night (14 December 2017).

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Anne Walsh (photographed on right), a member of L’Arche for 34 years, received the Achievement in Inclusion Award, while Elizabeth Archer, member for 31 years, was a proud finalist in the same category.

Lyn Kelly, a member of L’Arche for 14 years who has dedicated her life to community service, received the Life Time Achievement in Support Work Award.

Ms Walsh and Ms Kelly accepted their awards before a crowd of more than 400 people from the disability sector in Canberra who gathered for the annual awards ceremony.

Ms Walsh, who served as a member of the judging panel, said she was “over the moon” to be recognised for her leadership and contribution to inclusion in L’Arche and the wider Canberra community.

“Inclusion for me means working at the hospital, being an observer on our L’Arche Board, being part of our Core Member Council, and being part of National Listening and Speaking Group for L’Arche Australia,” Ms Walsh said.

“I have grown a lot in L’Arche. I’ve grown in confidence and I know my family is very proud of me,” she said.

Ms Kelly, Homes Co-ordinator for L’Arche Genesaret, said she was stunned and humbled to receive the award and claimed it on behalf of everyone in L’Arche.

“While it is wonderful to be part of an evening like this, I look forward to the day when we no longer need to have inclusion awards,” Ms Kelly said.

In previous years, L’Arche Genesaret has been a finalist for the ACT Chief Minister’s Inclusion Awards. This year has broken new ground for L’Arche in Canberra in receiving recognition in two categories, with three finalists nominated.

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