Be involved

Friendship and mutuality are at the heart of our Community.  We value the support of many people and invite you to consider how you might become involved in our Community.

Come along to L’Arche Genesaret Canberra’s regular gatherings each month:

Open Prayer is held on the 4th Monday of each month (February to November) at St Alban’s Anglican Church, 34 Chappell St, Lyons, 7pm. This event may move to 38 Colbee Court, Phillip, so please call our office to confirm.

Desert Mornings is a time of reflection, sharing and prayer – held on the 1st Tuesday of each month (February to December), 9:45 for 10am start, followed by a light morning tea. Venue: 38 Colbee Court, Phillip.



Live-In Volunteer Assistant

Being a Volunteer Live-In Assistant is a unique way to share daily life with people with a disability. It is a life of solidarity, living in the same household with people with disability and sometimes other assistants as well. It is a wonderful opportunity for anyone interested in living within a small, intentional faith community or for those interested in a profession working with adults with an intellectual disability or other helping profession.

If you are interested in this opportunity please contact David Treanor, National Leader of L’Arche Australia at www.larche.org.au

Job Opportunities

Live-Out Assistant (employee)

L’Arche Genesaret employees Live-Out Assistants to provide support and assistance to our members with a disability. These Assistants work alongside Live-In Volunteer Assistants who share daily life and create home for a time within our Community.

Live-Out Assistants are paid in accordance with the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award 2010. If you are interested in employment opportunities within L’Arche Genesaret please contact our office.




L’Arche households are similar to family homes and offer many opportunities for volunteers to participate in the life of the community and the daily life of people with a disability.

Some of the ways volunteers can help include:

  • visiting on a regular basis for a “cuppa” or a meal
  • going on social outings or doing activities in the home
  • helping out with transport
  • helping to prepare a weekly meal
  • helping with minor maintenance and/or gardening
  • helping with a regular reading or letter writing session

Host Family

We often require a “home family” or “home stay host” who can open their home for two days a week (e.g. 1pm Tuesdays to 1pm Thursdays) and four days a month (e.g. Tuesday to Friday) to enable a Volunteer Live-In Assistant to have some recreational time away from their assisting role in the Community. The requirements are few – simply a home where the Assistant can relax, come and go, and have meals provided. If you can assist in this regard please get in touch. Click here to go to our contact details.

Community Member

L’Arche Community Members are those who choose to live the Charter of L’Arche as a major priority in their life. The commitment is to a specific community (e.g. L’Arche Genesaret) and is a fundamental choice in the member’s life, shaping their lifestyle significantly. Membership is generally lived in the following ways:

a) those who live in households or units under the auspice of L’Arche Genesaret

b) those who live in other households but who participate in a significant way in the life of the community either through a role or lifestyle

Becoming a Community Member is a process of discernment, usually over the period of one year, to enable the discerning member and the Community to affirm whether membership with L’Arche Genesaret is a mutually life-giving step.

If you are interested in exploring Community Membership please contact us. Click here to go to our contact details.